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Passwords - keep your information safe

If you are like me you have dozens of logins to sites and apps. How do you keep all your passwords organized, sadly most people don't, they just use the same password for everything.

Companies are compromised every day, leaving your information exposed, especially if you use the same password for everything.

What I use is 1Password, but there are plenty of other password managers available. 1Password integrates into my phone and computer. Allowing me to create a strong unique password for every site. If target or wells Fargo are compromised I don't have any worries that the same login could assess my credit card or bank account.

I do have to remember one master password that opens up 1password, but every other sites password, and 2FA info (two factor authentication, more on that below) are available when I need. I can even share the logins across the family so they can access sites like Netflix under the same account.

Always opt in and setup 2fa when offered. This creates a second piece of information needed when logging into your account, like when you get a text with a key phrase to enter. That way a hacker would need your password and access to your phone to login to your account.

Lmk if you would like more information about this topic or 1Password.

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