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What do I need when buying a new computer?

Updated: May 19, 2023

Way too many options for most people to keep track of when looking for a new computer or device, tablet, notebook, desktop, GB, TB, Chromebook, etc etc. At the bottom of this article, I will summarize and link to suggested options if you just want to skip the reasons those are my suggestions.

What I tell most people is, well I tell them any computer in the store is enough for them but will try and make this article a little more helpful.

First what form factor do you want. A lot of people can do most tasks on their phone, but find it too small for larger tasks. Those people may just want an Android tablet or iPad for a larger screen. If you want a computer for a keyboard then either a Chromebook or laptop.

Chromebooks are great if you do not need to install any software and can do everything over the internet.

A laptop is my suggestion when you need to install applications, like office or games and need a little more power than a Chromebook.

If you are going with a laptop the most important decision is what size works best for you. If you are a mobile person using it in bed or on the go, something light is best. If you are mainly using it at a desk with an attached larger screen of course then the size doesn't matter as much. I prefer a thin 13in screen.

Next is a touch screen, either you require it or aren't sure, my suggestion is to have it.

The next important feature is hard drive space, nothing is more annoying than running out of space and having to search to delete things. For most people, 500GB will be enough.

Next is RAM, cheap laptops will have 8GB, I prefer 16, it will just run better.

Cpu speed isn't very important, all laptops sold in a store are plenty fast enough to run things.

Finally my suggestions.

If you are an apple person, why are you hear just buy the iPad or MacBook and you're done.

Android tablet we use:

My Windows Laptop

What I use, this is small and easy to transport and I use it also in my office to power my 49" curved monitor and do all my programming work without any issues.

if you want something with a little bigger screen and perhaps a stronger video card

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