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How to buy Bitcoin, and other crypto.

So you heard about Bitcoin and would like to buy some, but have no idea how to start, here are some simple instructions to get you started.

First, you need an account on an exchange that allows you to buy/trade cryptocurrency. is a large trusted site that you can use. I personally use and apps on my phone for my purchasing. Open up your phone's app store and look for both the and apps and install them, they are both free apps. Create your account on each, be sure to write down any recovery phases they give you, it is important to write them down, don't put them in any electronic documents and save them on your computer or cloud, it is much safer to keep it backed up in one or two locations like a safe with other important documents.

Once you have an account the apps look for the verification steps, this will involve sending your driver's license, and other info to verify who you are. These are required steps to buying a cryptocurrency when in the US. This will take time, a week or two, so be patient and don't expect to just start buying on day 1 of this process.

After being verified you can now deposit money into your accounts on these apps, USD currency will be under "fiat" wallet. app has a process to log in to your bank account and creates the connection to pull the money from your account. You can also try and use a credit/debit card to deposit money but most of the time those attempts will be declined by your provider. uses a push method, they will give you a routing and bank account number that you can transfer money into that will show up in your account, again be prepared for 3-5 business days for this transaction to complete.

From your fiat wallet, you can now purchase bitcoin or any of the other coins the apps have available for purchase. Just find the bitcoin, click buy BTC, use your fiat wallet, and purchase as much as you would like. If you find a specific coin that you want and it isn't on the app you can purchase another coin, transfer that coin to another app and then use that app to trade for the coin you want to purchase. Keep in mind every transfer will incur a fee that can vary wildly depending on the day/time and coin being traded.

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